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Retirement & Renewal Coaching & Workshops Can Help You:

  • Increase your confidence and understanding about how to approach your new life phase with expanded thinking, broader perspectives and new insights
  • Gain clarity about how to make a smooth transition from your last “intense” career to your new “intentional” career
  • Renew your sense of life purpose and meaning
  • Gain a deeper sense of self-awareness around who you are, what you want and where you want to go
  • Increase your excitement by exploring options and opportunities for legacy, connection, and creativity
  • Create a personal and meaningful life plan that is informed by research-proven factors for success in retirement and life renewal
  • Feel better equipped to define and take the next steps necessary to create your new life
Who Benefits from Retirement & Renewal Coaching & Workshops

Anyone who:
  • Intends to retire in the next 10 years and wants to begin planning for a rewarding retirement life
  • Contemplates a pre-retirement renewal or life change and needs to gain direction, purpose and a planned strategy
  • Will retire within the next year and wants to make a smooth transition to a successful retirement
  • Is already retired and wants to improve their current retirement life
ReCareer Coaching can help you:

ReCareer Coaching can help you:
  • Gain clarity about yourself and your personal preparedness for the recareer process
  • Discover your strengths, interests and skills necessary to employ in the recareer process
  • Gain insight into and nourish your inner competencies such as calm, confidence, positive mental attitude, etc.
  • Discover and hone your planning and specific action skills necessary for the search process
  • Create a step by step, user-friendly action plan
  • Enjoy the support and encouragement of a professional coach at your side throughout the process

Who Benefits from ReCareer Coaching: 

  • Mid and mature lifers who are seeking new careers that meet their needs as well as align with their values  and passion
  • Mid and mature lifers who are simply looking for deeper meaning and fulfillment in their work, be it paid or unpaid