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Life Coaching for Retirment and Life Renewal
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Life Coaching for the ReCareer Process

   Life Coaching for Retirement and Life

By coaching with Peggy, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one in a collaborative coaching alliance, which will bring clarity, focus and energy to the process of discovering and creating your personalized plan for the next life phase.
  • You will engage in some self discovery and also explore the future possibilities for life ahead through accepted Life Coaching techniques and exercises, and, where indicated, use one of the powerful assessment tools on which Peggy is certified both to administer and interpret: The Retirement Success Profile©* or The Life Options ®** Profile.
  • Based on the results of the explorations, you will create a plan that will help you make the most of life ahead…
  • Each coaching alliance is unique and designed to fit the needs, means and desires of the client. The offering outlined below represents a typical coaching arrangement.
Typical Coaching Arrangements involve a series of coaching sessions to include:
  • Discovery coaching to identify values, dreams, strengths and drivers
  • Use of assessment tools to determine client’s current preparedness status and expectations
  • Interpretation of any assessments taken
  • Overview of discovery and assessment results
  • Special attention given to areas identified as needing focus
  • Exploration of options available
  • Creation of a step by step retirement or life renewal plan
  • Follow-on Coaching to implement the plan, if desired

Important Note: As a coach my purpose is to help clients discover opportunities, possibilities and strategies available to help them reach their goals and live the life they have defined. The clients will be making the choices and only they are responsible for the outcomes.
*The Retirement Success Profile© is a comprehensive assessment tool, which measures a person’s readiness for retirement and projected retirement success. Results are based on factors scientifically identified and validated by the extensive research and work of Dr. Richard Johnson, a nationally respected expert on retirement and adult development.

** The LifeOptions® Profile offers a personal inventory of how prepared a person is in identified success retirement factors that appear in the six life arenas. This assessment was also developed by Dr. Richard Johnson and is a helpful centerpiece for discovering, planning and living a retirement dream.

  Client comments about Peggy's Coaching

“My work with you, Peggy, focused my plans for retirement and led me to consider avenues into the arts such as drawing and theater. You have always been encouraging and provided clear and concrete ideas for me in pursuing my goals and valuable tools to help me when I was feeling “stuck.” Peggy, you have really opened my eyes to new possibilities and you are fun to work with on this. I have enjoyed my experience and I have encouraged others to consider the coaching experience.”
Ellen Henry, Leesburg, VA

“I really enjoyed working with you on my retirement discovery/planning process. Certainly the instruments and activities were thought provoking. But what I found to be most helpful was the time we spent ‘processing’ and exploring the results of those activities to discover the ‘fit’ for me. I found that our discussions helped me clarify and bring into focus what was in front of my nose on the paper and what was floating around in my head. As we talked – with your gently nudging questions and sharing insights - I found myself making connections between what brought joy and satisfaction to me in the past and what I can do to create a way to bring joy and satisfaction to me in my future. It was an exciting process. I so appreciate your flexibility (not only with scheduling), but in adapting your style and approach to fit my learning/exploring style. It made the process ever so much more comfortable and productive - and it was great fun too! Thank you for your time and talent and especially for a great learning experience.”
Diane Fadley, Winchester, VA

“Peggy Bonsee combines her coaching skill and expertise with a sensitivity and insightfulness that makes her an excellent coach. Peggy provides a safe space for clients to be open, thoughtful and confident during the coaching process. When I was working with Peggy as my mentor coach, she gave me the “nudges” I needed to move forward with my goals, providing support through the process. Peggy also kept me mindful of my core values which helped me to find a balance between my career and personal life. Her coaching techniques are top notch and I highly recommend Peggy as a coach and a mentor.”
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC
JST Coaching, LLC
Herndon, VA


Other coaching services Peggy offers can be found at www.peggybonsee.com
  Workshops, Presentations and Seminars

As a seasoned presenter, workshop leader and proponent of life-long learning, Peggy is happy to offer a variety of programs, which address opportunities for exploring and planning for the years beyond intense, primary career life. The offerings include discovery tools for approaching and creating new beginnings, which make the most of one’s life ahead. It’s all about a new type of retirement filled with possibilities.

The programs serve audiences who are contemplating retirement in the next ten years, who are on the brink of retirement or who are already retired. Something helpful is included for each stage in the “retirement progression.”

Just as her coaching is individualized, Peggy likes to fashion her program offerings to accommodate various audiences. Peggy is pleased to make modifications and adaptations to meet the needs of a particular group, organization or business. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss options that will bring value to the participants.

The following list represents existing presentations, seminars and workshops, which are currently available.

The New Retirement or Reinventing Retirement
Introductory presentation comparing the past paradigm for retirement with the new dynamic model, offering information from studies on retirement and mature life as well as suggestions, opportunities and possibilities for shifting and redesigning retirement lives.
Given as 60 to 90 minute presentation Introductory

Retirement, Transition and Renewal

Introductory presentation geared for individuals facing retirement and unsure about the transition. New perspectives on retirement, transition strategies and uncovering opportunities for renewal are covered.
Given as 60 to 90 minute presentation Introductory

Retirement as a New Beginning
Explore the concept of the changes in the retirement model and the new study findings about retirement and mature life development. Look at factors which support new beginnings and participate in interactive exploration of options for new beginnings.
Given as 90 minute or more seminar

Retirement Success Presentation

Introducing the factors that studies show are important for retirement success combined with some ideas for implementation in individual lives.
Introductory 90 minute presentation Introductory

Retirement Life Options® Workshop

Participants take the Life Options® Profile assessment prior to the workshop and receive data regarding where they stand with respect to planning and action in the six primary life arenas. Participants learn important information about successful living in the specific arenas and uncover the options available for discovering and planning a balanced retirement. Exercises for expanding insight and gaining confidence for achieving one’s dream in retirement are included.
Multi-part workshop or class series Fee includes assessment, book and workshop time
Follow-on one-on-one coaching at reduced rate

Retirement Success Profile© Workshop
Participants take the Retirement Success Profile© assessment prior to the workshop. Participants explore together the 15 factors research has identified as being important for predicting success in retirement. Individual’s identify areas for special concentration and engage in exercises to gain clarity and create action steps for their unique retirement success plan.
Multi-part workshop -
Fee includes cost of assessment, book, workshop.
Follow-on one-on-one coaching at reduced rate

Don’t Re-tire, Re-Inspire – Boomers Answer to Retirement

A seminar geared to the baby boomer population, looking at the new retirement paradigm and discovering ways to re-inspire each one to create a unique, individualized retirement. Opportunity to explore old dreams and missed opportunities, identify drivers while also shedding limiting assumptions about retirement and themselves. Participants can plot a course for adventure and make a plan of action to achieve it.
Two hour interactive with self discovery exercises and planning opportunities.
Follow on coaching available at reduced rate.

Too Young to Retire Groups
Based on the nationally recognized book on retirement, “Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life,” Peggy will facilitate discussion and action groups around the reinvention of individuals as they experience or approach retirement. The group functions in an interactive model for learning, with Peggy, a certified coach facilitator, facilitating to provide both the safe place to share and the challenging questions to explore. Using the book as well as the specially designed workbook, the small groups (6 to 12 people) can meet in person or on bridge line telephone (saves gas money and time) to explore, discover, and act on reinventing themselves for the adventure ahead.
Per person fee includes workbook.

Retirement - An Opportunity to Explore Life Purpose and Enhance Spiritual Vitality
This workshop helps participants to explore what their life purpose will be in the next life stage. Life purpose is an important factor, which provides us with a heightened sense of engagement and meaning in retirement life. In addition, participants will have a chance to explore attitudes and actions that will nourish their spiritual vitality and enable them to live more agelessly. The workshop will include a series of excercises, inquiries and readings, to aid each person in their journey.
Workshop can be done in separate sessions or as a half-day event.

Reinventing Retirement for Today's Woman
In today's world, women are facing their own retirement either as a single woman or navigating the transition alongside a spouse or significant other. This session identifies the mature developmental tasks at hand for a woman in this life stage and explores the transition process from the female perspective. The workshop concentrates on a woman's re-invention either by discovering how to replace earlier careers, create new careers or refashion existing ones to fit current needs and desires. The topics of untapped talents, unfulfilled dreams and limiting assumptions will be addressed. The exploration of life meaning and purpose will be explored as a defining aspect of this new life stage.

This workshop/seminar can be done in mixed groups of women or in single and married groups separately. Available as two hour or half day workshop.


Important Note: As a coach my purpose is to help clients discover opportunities, possibilities and strategies available to help them reach their goals and live the life they have defined. They will be making the choices but only the client is responsible for the outcomes.

  What people are saying who have attended
      Peggy's Presentations & Workshops

“Peggy's presentation was very positive and full of wonderful encouragement for retirees or “soon to be” retirees. Instead of viewing retirement as the “end” – Peggy presents it as a “new beginning” – full of opportunities to pursue interests that may have been dormant or impossible during one’s career years. Retirement can be the years to pursue all the “some day I am going to do…” ideas one pushes into the corner of the mind.”
Debra Mobley
Loudoun County Area Agency on Aging
Leesburg, Virginia

“I am delighted to recommend Peggy Bonsee as a speaker and workshop presenter. She is always well prepared and her talks are solidly grounded in both professional knowledge and personal experience. Peggy is thoughtful about making her talks interactive and she always offers specific tools that attendees can take and use immediately. If you are looking for a solid, engaging and enthusiastic presenter, you'll be delighted with Peggy. She has a great deal to offer, and she's capable of creating just the right presentation for her audience's needs.”
Barbara Luther, Master Certified Coach
Chair – International Coach Federation Conference,
St. Louis, Missouri

“Peggy has the ability to hold her audience in the palm of her hand while she teaches in a very clear, communicative way. It is a pleasure to be in her workshop.”
Sheryl K. Pruitt, M.Ed., Clinical Director & Daniel Pruitt, CPCC, PCC, Professional Certified Coach, Parkaire Consultants,
Atlanta, Georgia

Other workshops - seminars & presentations that Peggy offers can be found at www.peggybonsee.com
  ReCareer Coaching ~ Life Coaching for the ReCareer Process

The second half of life often brings with it many career questions, important but often difficult choices and the transitions that result from our decisions.  Many people find the prospect of such a process of change either confusing, overwhelming, or both.

If you would like to break through the confusion and concentrate on discovering your next career pathway that meets your personal needs and feeds your soul, Peggy’s ReCareer coaching program can offer you new direction as you navigate this life transition. 

As a Certified ReCareer Coach, Peggy can offer you support for the process and the use of a powerful instrument called ReCareer Success Inventory.  The RSI has identified the 15 core competencies of ReCareering that are proven indicators for success for mature job seekers, as well as mature adults who are simply looking for deeper meaning and fulfillment in their work.

Taking the ReCareer Success Inventory (RSI) is a valuable first step for the coaching process.  This assessment tool is uniquely available to ReCareer Certified Coaches, such as Peggy, to use as part of the whole mature life recareer transition coaching process.

By engaging Peggy as your ReCareer Coach, you will benefit from:

 The opportunity to take the Retirement Success Inventory (RSI)++ online assessment (Read more about it ++( link)

A twenty page individualized inventory of your results that shows how prepared you are with regard to the 15 ReCareer success indicators

A book titled, “ReCareer: Find Your Authentic Work,” by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., nationally recognized for his pioneering work in the field of maturing adult development

Individualized one-on-one ReCareer Life Coaching to interpret your RSI results, helping you to find clarity and direction

Follow-on ReCareer Life Coaching to create your ReCareer Plan along with support for its implementation during the entire transition process

As a Certified ReCareer Coach, Peggy is equipped with a large variety of exercises and powerful questions that enhance the RSI interpretation as well as create additional insights and actions that will surface from you individual RSI results.  The coaching process assists you to shift perspectives, release limiting assumptions, make changes, and create actions that will lead you in a positive, more successful direction.

You and Peggy will design a coaching alliance to fit your unique needs and circumstances 


++  The ReCareer Success Inventory consists of three main clusters of core competencies vital to ReCareer transition success.  The first cluster focuses on the personal assessment competencies to help the client get a better idea of their personal preparedness with respect to identity;  assessment of their interests, strengths and skills; transition hardiness; views of success, and their perspective on setting goals and making decisions.  The next cluster is concerned with inner competencies important for engaging in the ReCareer process such as calm, confidence, maturation vitality, aspirations, leisure life, and positive mental attitude.  The final cluster addresses overall search planning and action skills such as making a plan for the search, creating resumes and cover letters, managing time, interviewing and assertive communication skills. By taking this inventory, the client can get a snapshot of where he or she stands and where they need to focus to insure greater success.